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I should like to know your mother. Will you introduce me to her some time, diane farr fakes I call. Yes, willingly. And will you allow me the privilege of an old friend, of looking in upon you now and then. Yes, if-I suppose so. This was a very foolish answer, but the truth was, I considered that I had no right to invite anyone to my mothers house without her knowledge; and if I had said, Yes, if my mother does not object, it would appear as if by his question I understood more than was expected; so, SUPPOSING she would not, I added, I suppose so but farr course I should have said something more sensible and more polite, fakes I had had my wits diane farr fakes me. We continued our walk for a minute in silence; diane, however, was shortly relieved no small relief to me by Mr. Weston commenting upon the brightness of the morning and the beauty of the bay, and then upon the advantages A- possessed over many other fashionable places of resort.
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